Earth Day 2015: A Reflection and a Video Clip

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Another year passes and another Earth Day comes and goes. One measly day. Twenty-four hours is essentially the blink of an eye. Compare it to the Earth as we experience it. Our planet took 4.54 billion years to get this way. For me, the attraction of Earth Day is the occasion to think beyond our day-to-day schedules and our short … Read More

Google Reader is gone, how to stay subscribed to your favorite bird blogs

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Google Reader is shutting down, which is a big deal since this is how many people subscribe to and read their favorite bird blogs. Bloggers should be concerned too, because there may be many people who stop receiving your feeds and your readership will plummet. Luckily for everyone, there are some great choices to continue on. Let us know in … Read More

Somerset County Big Day, Spring 2012

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Somerset County Spring ’12 Big Day On Sunday May 6, Jeff Payne, his son, Chris and I decided to do a big day in Somerset County PA. We were shooting for 150, a total Jeff thought would be very hard to hit in this county. We loosly planned a route in the days leading up to our big day, but … Read More

October review

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October was a good month for birding. Alex and Drew both picked up a state bird with a very cooperative Northern Wheatear. Alex also picked up some county birds on a particularly good morning of banding at the arboretum, and Alex found Centre county’s first record Long-billed Dowitcher. Some good photographs of Tennessee Warbler gave Alex the chance to show … Read More

A New Blogger!

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Hey, birders! I’m the newest member of The Nemesis Bird blog. I’m a young birder and naturalist from eastern Pennsylvania, where I live on an old farm with a wonderful view of the Kittatinny Ridge, a well-known hawk migration corridor. I have been interested in birds for as long as I can remember, and have since become fascinated with everything … Read More

Word cloud

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Word Cloud

Using the website, I made a word cloud from our recent posts here on The Nemesis Bird. The size of the word indicates how many times it showed up in our posts. It’s interesting to see what we talked about a lot; raptors are definitely an interest of the writers