Half of a Centre County big year

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Since moving to State College in June, I have been birding a lot, getting to know the area and its different hotspots. I was also able to do some productive birding during spring migration, picking up harder to find birds like Red-necked Phalarope and Mourning Warbler. Fall migration was excellent and I was able to find most of the expected … Read More

White-winged Crossbilll irruption

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We are currently enjoying a large irruption of White-winged Crossbills across much of the northern states. I have gotten to see a flock several times near New Holland and have been returning in hopes of finding a Common Redpoll or Red Crossbill mixed in with the good numbers of Pine Siskins and White-winged Crossbills. Unfortunately, I have not gotten any … Read More

Night-Herons at Alcoa Marsh

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Hearing a report that there was a juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron at Alcoa Marsh in Lancaster, I headed off to check it out early this morning. Arriving at the marsh, the first birds I heard were Yellow Warblers and a Willow Flycatcher. Scanning the edges of the marsh there are several dead trees, perfect for perching waders. The only bird making … Read More

White Ibis at the flats

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Finally got out on the flats for the first time since late April. There had been both an immature White Ibis and a Sandhill Crane hanging out there together so I was hoping to see both these birds. Unfortunately, only the White Ibis was around while I was on the flats but it was very cooperative. It was hanging out … Read More

Feeding actually beneficial to birds

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As seen on the front page of Nature.com, feeding birds during the winter is not only fun for the people feeding them. According to a British study, feeding birds in winter benefits them during the breeding season by allowing them to lay their eggs 2.5 days earlier on average than birds that did not have access to winter food. Birds … Read More

Bainbridge Sparrow hunting

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There is a little spot on the Susquehanna River south of Harrisburg known for fall Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrows. It’s basically a collection of small islands populated by sedges and grasses and the sparrows seem to like it. Today, the most common passerines on the islands were American Pipits and Savannah Sparrows. The real show-stoppers today were the shorebirds, though. A … Read More