Earth Day 2015: A Reflection and a Video Clip

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Another year passes and another Earth Day comes and goes. One measly day. Twenty-four hours is essentially the blink of an eye. Compare it to the Earth as we experience it. Our planet took 4.54 billion years to get this way. For me, the attraction of Earth Day is the occasion to think beyond our day-to-day schedules and our short … Read More

The new Eagle Optics Wild Turkey 10×50

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Eagle Optics is introducing a new binocular today with some interesting features. For some more interesting posts of the day: Corruption in the Bird of the Year program ABA set to enforce list totals

BirdsEye photo contest

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We here at Nemesis Bird are huge fans of the BirdsEye and BirdLog apps. We were big users of eBird before those two apps came around, but having easy access to eBird sightings in the field, and the ability to enter eBird checklists from a phone were really game changers in how we bird. And so now I am very … Read More

ABA Bird of the Year revealed

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Head to the ABA blog to see the 2013 ABA Bird of the Year revealed! Check out the info page as well, several of Alex’s photos are featured. If you are an ABA member, you should be getting your stickers soon.

IatB: Cormorants

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The I and the Bird blog carnival is back and now features a different group of birds each time around. This edition is all about cormorants. Alex has 3 posts from Nemesis Bird featured so click the link below and read them! I and the Bird – Cormorants or Darters  

Nature Conservancy Photo Contest

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Are you a nature photographer with some interesting photos that you’d like to share? The Nature Conservancy is holding their 6th annual nature photo contest. They are looking for nature photography that represents the diversity of life on Earth. You can see visit their site to see last years winners and runners up. My personal favorite is the Northern Saw-whet Owl. … Read More