Campus Red-tail

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The PSU campus has at least two pairs of Red-tailed Hawks that call it home and terrorize the thousands of squirrels and chipmunks that also live here. Everyday, one adult Red-tailed Hawks perches on the large stadium lights that surround the outdoor pool, which is right behind my apartment. Today, when I was walking back from class the Red-tail was … Read More

Goodbye Moorhen, Hello Gallinule

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Sometimes I am okay with changes, other times I am a little hesitant to accept things, and sometimes I just downright cannot stand certain changes. This is especially true when it comes to birds. For instance, last years split of the Whip-poor-will into the ‘Eastern Whip-poor-will’ and the ‘Mexican Whip-poor-will’; this was a great split and made perfect sense given … Read More

Ageing Peregrine Falcons in the Field

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The Peregrine Falcon is one of the most well-known birds on Earth. The general public knows this species because of its widespread population decrease followed by decades worth of reintroduction efforts that have brought this species back from the brink. They also know this species as the fastest bird on Earth. But until you actually get to see a Peregrine … Read More

Road Trip! – Boise, Idaho to Blythe, California

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On June 11th Anna and I began our road trip from Boise, Idaho to Blythe, California. On the first day of the trip we drove to Kanab, Utah and slept there for the night. In the morning we started driving towards the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. As soon as we crossed the border into Arizona the habitat looked … Read More

Idaho Tyrannids – Photo Study

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I was able to gather quite a few photos of the flycatchers and kingbirds of Idaho by visiting migrant hot-spots often, as well as being able to go birding everyday. Below, I have put together my best photos of most of the flycatchers of Idaho. The flycatchers are notoriously difficult to identify, and although I am by no means an … Read More

Ratty-looking Raptors

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This time of the year many younger raptors are in heavy molt; getting rid of last years feathers and replacing them with fresh new ones. With all the raptors I get to see on a daily basis out at our curlew research sites, I have been able to collect quite a collection of these ratty-looking raptors over the past few … Read More

Attack of the Zombie-Hawks!

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There isnt really an attack of zombie-hawks here in Idaho….but if you look at the following pictures, you might think there is. Often while I am photographing raptors, I take a shot right when the bird happens to be closing its nictitating membrane across their eye. This transparent eyelid is present on all birds, but is especially useful to raptors in order to … Read More

Laws of Winter Birding

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I saw this on the Birdchat listserv several years ago and enjoyed it. And boy, are they true. 1) The older we get, the colder it feels while birding. Global warming is counterbalanced by personal cooling. 2) The possibility of seeing a Gyrfalcon is inversely proportional to the listing need. 3) Red Crossbills never land. Never. As in nada. 4) … Read More

Pre-snow hawk watch

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The first day went smoothly, minus the various encounters with curious dogs and their unconcerned owners. You would think people would be embarrassed to have their dogs sniff thru perfect strangers bags but no, instead its our fault that we “don’t like the dogs.” Never mind that the dogs are supposed to be on a leash. Well, Tree Swallows are … Read More