Red-faced Warblers, Donkeys, and Frustration

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Anna and I drove out to Arizona to work with cuckoos along the Lower Colorado River, in early June of 2010. This was my first trip to the Southwestern US and all the birds were new and exciting. Our very first block of four days off work we drove over to Southeast Arizona, a place I had been wanting to … Read More

Centre County Big Year 2012

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Every year, a few of the birders here in Centre County as well as myself, attempt to find as many bird species as we can within one year. Last year Drew Weber, Joe Verica, and Nate Fronk all broke the record for a Centre County Big Year! This will be my first full year birding in the county, so I … Read More

Birds to Look For – Centre Co, PA (Last week of March)

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This coming weekend marks the beginning of the last week of March. April is so close and beginning in just the first week of April, we will see huge pushes of newly-arriving spring migrants into our area. This last week of March is very important too, however, and I have tried to go through eBird bar charts for Centre County … Read More

Spring Migration Predictions – Second Half of March

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If you’ve been out birding recently, you’ll know that there are signs of spring everywhere you look – especially if you are looking at birds! Snow Geese just staged their massive showing at Middle Creek WMA, Ring-billed Gulls are flowing up our rivers by the thousands, and Eastern Phoebes are popping up all over! Spring migration is in full swing, … Read More

My Top 25 Most Wanted Centre County Species for 2012

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2012 is my third calendar year birding in Centre County, PA. So far I have only birded in the county during the fall semester of 2010 and the fall semester of 2011. I have never birded in Centre County during the spring or summer. During the two fall semesters that I have been in the county for, I have managed … Read More

Rarity Round-Up: A Four Day Birding Adventure

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Click on links throughout this post to see our full eBird checklists and more photos for the locations mentioned! Last week I was sitting around campus with my friends Mark Mizak and Josh Lefever, thinking about the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. We knew we would have four days free and we knew we wanted to go birding. … Read More

Birds in Flight – Evening Light: Using the ‘Golden Hours’ to get great flight shots!

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All photographers know that the opportune time to photograph birds is during the ‘Golden Hour’. These ‘Golden Hours’ occurs twice a day – an hour or so after sunrise, and an hour or so before sunset. The lighting is perfect; not too dark but also not too bright and harsh. Photographing birds during the ‘Golden Hours’ is also my favorite … Read More

Photo Study: Double-crested Cormorants

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The Double-crested Cormorant is a well-known and common species throughout much of the United States. Because of how common they are, I feel like they get ignored often by birders. In fact, I do it myself all the time when I am out birding – scanning out over a lake, I focus on trying to pick out the interesting waterfowl … Read More

What’s Your Favorite Warbler?

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For years, my all-time favorite warbler was the adult male Blackburnian Warbler…..every spring I couldn’t wait for the morning I would go out and see a male Blackburnian, with it’s flaming-orange throat, calling from the top of a tree. Even in the fall, the Blackburnian looks absolutely stunning. Although that species isn’t particularly uncommon, and it doesn’t necessarily have the best song of the other warblers, … Read More

Jo Hays Vista – September 2011 Report

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Coming into September with only 100 raptors, the other primary Jo Hays hawkwatchers and I were ready to see things heat up. We put in a total of 13 days (51.75 hours) worth of observation time at Jo Hays which resulted in 1888 raptors being counted during the month! Due to the limited visibility at Jo Hays, northwest winds are … Read More