Shorebird season! The mostly peep quiz

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It’s that time of year again. Shorebirds are starting to filter south as the breeding season completes. These adults look different than they did in the spring, and some of them can be downright confusing. Here is a quiz to test your skills at shorebird ID. Photos were all taken by Alex Lamoreaux. [mtouchquiz 2]

Mystery Bird Quiz

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It has been a long time since we have done a bird quiz here on Nemesis Bird, but I took some photos of a bird two weekends ago that I thought would be perfect to test peoples ID skills. Below are two photos of the bird. The background of the shots are a bit overexposed, but that is not affecting … Read More

Answer to the scaup quiz

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And the answer to yesterday’s video quiz is…. LESSER SCAUP! However, the results of the voting were a statistical tie! Lesser Scaup   – 32 votes Greater Scaup – 31 votes not sure – 2 votes But why is it a Lesser Scaup?? Well, this was a very tough case indeed. And it goes to show that scaup are actually … Read More

Video Quiz: Greater & Lesser Scaup

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A first for us here at Nemesisbird: a video quiz! The first part of the video features a side-by-side comparison of drake Greater and Lesser Scaup. The birds are far away, and the lighting and resolution is not the best. But this is so often the case when viewing waterfowl in the wild! “National Geographic” cover-photos are the rare exception. … Read More

Answers to Forest Fest Mystery Bird Quiz

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This past weekend, we celebrated Forest Fest at Penn State. At the festival, the avian outreach class had a table set up that talked about birding, demonstrated bird banding, and led a guided bird walk through the arboretum. We also had 10 photos, that I took, of 10 different species of birds for people to try and identify. Below are the photos … Read More

Answer to Mystery Bird Quiz: Wilson’s Phalarope!

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Thanks to everyone that participated in the Mystery Bird Quiz I posted last week. I received many guesses via comments on the post, personal emails, and through personal conversations. Most people that provided a guess suggested that the bird was a Willet because of the gray color and long black legs. Others suggested Sanderling, Wilson’s Phalarope, and Hudsonian Godwit. The correct … Read More

Answer to Mystery Bird Quiz

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First off, thanks for all the responses to the mystery bird quiz. Below is the photo again to refresh your memory. The top bird and the bottom bird seem to be the best place to start in identifying these birds. Both birds are similar in size and immediately give the impression of one of the Calidris sandpipers. Both have a … Read More

Mystery Bird Quiz

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Above is the first of what I hope continues to be a semi-regular set of “mystery bird quizzes” here on Nemesis Bird. This photo shows three gray and white birds landing. The was taken by me, somewhere in Pennsylvania on October 25th, 2009. If you would like to participate in the quiz, please leave your answer as a comment on … Read More