Find the Owls

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Can you find the two owls in this photo? This photo was taken last month along the shoreline of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. There is a Boreal Owl in this photo as well as a Northern Saw-whet Owl.  Click the image for a larger view of this photo. The answer is posted here. Have fun!

New birding apps roundup

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There is a constant flood of new apps available for iPhone, but it’s less common that one of these apps is for birding. Recently there has been a bunch of new releases that birders might be interested in. Some may have been out for a while but I just happened across them now and found them interesting. Games Birding Game … Read More

Answer to the Tricky Angles photo quiz

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The answers to the Tricky Angles photo quiz were mostly correct for the first and last bird in the quiz, but the middle bird had lots of different answers. If you haven’t looked at the quiz, check out the images below before looking at the answers.   The Quiz Photos

Photo Quiz – Tricky angles

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Today, thanks to some badgering from Cory DeStein, I present you with our next photo quiz. Here are 3 photos of birds shot at tricky angles. Let us know your guesses in the comments and then check out the answers! Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

Answer – September Quiz bird

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The September Quiz bird (watch the quiz video fullscreen before reading on) turned out to be quite a challenge as the bird never quite managed to satisfactorily show off its field marks in the video. The first step on a quiz like this is to decide what family it belongs to. At several points in the video we can see the … Read More

September quiz bird

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We don’t do fun bird quizzes on the blog nearly enough so here is a video of a bird I saw yesterday in Syracuse NY. I like the idea of using video for a bird quiz because you are less likely to get stuck with a photo of the bird in an atypical pose that makes the ID harder. The … Read More

Rufous Hummingbird – Onondaga County NY

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[dc]T[/dc]his morning I got out pretty early to look for the Rufous Hummingbird that was coming to a feeder in Phoenix. It was overcast but calm as I pulled up in front of the house and walked around to the back. There were only two other birders there and they said that they hadn’t seen it yet. We didn’t have … Read More

Whimbrel and 3 Avocets– Sept ’12, Somerset County, PA

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On September 4th after returning from out of town, my wife, Trish Miller, and I were birding our Somerset Lake route. One of our first stops is on the south side of the lake. As we scanned the south side I notice a large shorebird bathing on the far shore. I couldn’t make out much from that side, so we … Read More

Mystery flycatcher

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When I am out birding, I don’t always get the look I want at every bird. In fact, this is almost always the case. Just this morning there was an adult male that dropped down into the vegetation after barely giving me a chance to ID it. I could see it skulking around between the weedy stems but all I … Read More