The Bronzed Cowbirds of Southern Florida

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First discovered in the United States in Texas in 1940, the Bronzed Cowbird rapidly expanded throughout the desert southwest and Gulf Coast states. By 1962, Florida’s first Bronzed Cowbirds were found in Sarasota County, however it wasn’t until July 2009 when breeding was confirmed for the first time in the state, in Broward County – the young cowbird was being … Read More

Magnificent Frigatebirds – Determining Age and Sex

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The Magnificent Frigatebird is one of the most well-known seabirds throughout the American tropics. Most recognize this species for the inflatable red gular sac shown on adult males but their remarkably long wings, forked tail, and piratical lifestyle make this species an incredible sight no matter what age or sex. In fact, frigatebirds have the longest wings compared to body … Read More

Delaware Birders robbed of 1st State Record?

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Editor’s note – 4/4/13 – The identification of this bird is far from settled, and hummingbird experts and banders have varied opinions. Bruce Peterjohn, who banded the bird, sent out an email with the original measurements which seem to place it solidly in the Anna’s Hummingbird column. Read his post, along with the case that Sheri Williamson lays out below … Read More

Delaware Anna’s Hummingbird – Then and Now

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Read some newer info about the identification of this bird. During the late fall of 2012 it seemed almost as if a western hummingbird invasion was occurring across the eastern states, with hundreds of reports of Rufous Hummingbirds visiting people’s yards in addition to multiple reports of Allen’s, Black-chinned, Calliope, Costa’s, and Anna’s. In November of 2012, an Anna’s Hummingbird … Read More

A three redpoll taxa day in PA

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The Redpoll Challenge, to see all four New World taxa of redpolls (Greater Acanthis flammea rostrata, Common A. f. flammea, Hornemann’s A. hornemanni hornemanni, and Hoary A. h. exilipes) in a single flock was raised by Ron Pittaway in 2007. Since then, the challenge has been met a couple of times, but until this winter it had never occurred in … Read More

A Greater Redpoll (Acanthis flammea rostrata) in PA

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Today while looking through a large flock of 100 to 200 redpolls in Centre County PA, my eye was drawn to a redpoll that was larger and darker streaked than all the nearby redpolls. In addition, it has a extensive black bib that wrapped up around and over the bill. I had been carefully looking through the flock in search … Read More

Heron Hybrid – Merritt Island NWR, Florida

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On March 25th, a very interesting heron was photographed by two birders at Merrrit Island NWR, near Titusville on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. Ann Gaillard and Joyce Stefancic both photographed the heron shown below independently of each other along the Black Point Wildlife Drive, and allowed me permission to show their photos on this post. Study these first two … Read More

Amazing World of Redpolls

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Hoary Redpoll (female)

Redpolls are hardy little birds of the world’s northern tier. They breed in areas throughout the tundra where the short-growing willows speckle the landscape, during the refreshingly-cool (not dangerously-cold) summer months. Throughout the winter months, many of them head southward in search of food, often clinging to the largest expanses of alder and birch for their supply of catkins to … Read More

Winter Finches ID Quiz (with answers)

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I hope all of you enjoyed looking at the winter finch photo from earlier in this week! Below is the same photo, with the bird species pointed-out appropriately. Most of the finches in this photo are Red Crossbills. The male Red Crossbills host a tomato-red coloration throughout their heads, upper backside, and the entire throat and underbelly. Their wings are … Read More

Winter Finches ID Quiz

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Finches are spectacular.  Some finch species are highly nomadic, and are prone to massive irruptions throughout select regions of North America. Some finch species are local, year-round residents. There are some finch species which look the same all year long, and there are other finch species that undergo stunning transformations of immaculately-colored feathers, which replace their drabber winter plumage. The … Read More