First Week of Flammulated Owl Surveys!

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This past week instead of searching for curlew nests, my coworker Oly Olson and I went to southeastern Idaho to begin the first week of surveys for Flammulated Owls. Anna stayed behind to keep an eye on the curlews and search for nests. Oly and I visited some really amazing places and this week of traveling around southeast Idaho really … Read More

They can’t all spend the night..

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And so we learned with a recent saw-whet that we attempted to track. She was released from the banding station at around 10pm and we tracked her for several hours but by 3 am she was gone, presumably having flown to the south out of range of our equipment. This is a picture of Feist, another owl that left without … Read More

What does a saw-whet do at night?

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Well, let me tell you… We have now been tracking Isra for over 2 weeks now, with a lot of good data coming from our long nights at King’s Gap and in the Michaux State Forest. With the migration season in full swing for the owls, we are now starting to hear the strange barks and whines of the saw-whets … Read More

Field season summary

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Image via Wikipedia My third and final field season for the 2nd Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas is over.  This last season I covered quite a bit of new territory for me in central and northern PA, visited 7 state parks I had never been to and camped in 4 of them. I started off the season in southeastern PA where … Read More

Feeding actually beneficial to birds

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As seen on the front page of, feeding birds during the winter is not only fun for the people feeding them. According to a British study, feeding birds in winter benefits them during the breeding season by allowing them to lay their eggs 2.5 days earlier on average than birds that did not have access to winter food. Birds … Read More

The fickle females of the bird world

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A recent paper published at revealed how fickle the female Lark Buntings are when it comes to picking a mate each spring. It is generally thought that females of most bird species select their partner based on a few traits that lead to that trait being exaggerated in the male. A good example of this is the peahen picking … Read More

Far flying Godwits

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Here is an exciting news clip from New Zealand. It’s nice to see birds making the news. Bar-tailed Godwits, a shorebird that breeds in Alaska and winters in New Zealand and Australia have been tracked in their migration. The Bar-tailed Godwit is one of the species that is considered High Concern under the US Shorebird Conservation Plan due to their … Read More