Florida Bike-birding: Ocklawaha Prairie Restoration Area

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Today I got the bright idea to take a mid-morning bike ride. I’ve been wanting to check out a big wetland complex that I have been eyeing on google earth. But given that the loop trail around the complex is 10.5 miles (the “Levee Trail”), I wanted to have time to take my bike. The Ocklawaha Prairie Restoriation Area is a 2,500 … Read More

Black-capped Petrel – Variation in Plumage

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One of the most iconic birds of summertime in the Gulf Stream is the Black-capped Petrel (Pterodroma hasitata), and with two days aboard the Stormy Petrel II off the coast of Hatteras with Brian Patteson, we had ample time to photograph and study them. On August 12th, we saw 56 Black-capped Petrels and on August 13th, we had an incredible … Read More

The kids are not alright

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This time of year, some raptors can show some pretty extreme molt and feather wear, leading to tricky identification. Alex has posted about this on a previous post. Young birds hatched last year are replacing their juvenal feathers with adult feathers and this transition can create some interesting looking birds like the unfortunate Red-tailed Hawk below which is missing several … Read More