Are we on the verge of a Snowy Owl irruption?

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It looks like Snowy Owls are on the move this winter. With the widespread adoption of eBird, we now have an easy way to keep track of this phenomenon in a way that was previously difficult to impossible. Below I have posted the maps of the range and locations of sightings in both 2010 and 2011 over the months of … Read More

eBird: New flight call protocol

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It is a bit past the date when we would expect to hear nocturnal flight calls given by birds migrating overhead, but eBirds new protocol for entering nocturnal flight calls is a good read to prepare yourself for the spring. Below is information from Team eBird on the new protocol. Nocturnal Flight Call (NFC) counts have different detection rates than … Read More

Blue-headed Vireos on the decline?

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There has been a lot of talk on the PABirds listserv regarding a possible decline of Blue-headed Vireos based on the scarcity of individual sightings this fall. I decided to look into some eBird graphs to see if our collective eBirding can shed some light on the discussion. The graphs do have to be taken with a grain of salt … Read More

Next up- ducks

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The next group of birds that will be moving into the area on their southbound migration are the ducks. There are already scattered reports of ducks across the state, but numbers should really increase over the next few weeks. Below are the eBird frequency graphs for the ducks, split into dabbling, diving and sea ducks. These graphs show the percentage … Read More

Huge upgrade to eBird maps

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Recently, eBird released a major update to the maps in their Explore Data section. Now called Range and Point Maps, these are now fullscreen, overlaid on Google Maps tiles with lots of extra features. At full world level zoom, occurrences are calculated in blocks of varying shades of purple. As you zoom in, you eventually get to a point where … Read More

New eBird feature threatens to clog inboxes

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Just today as far as I can tell, eBird launched a new feature that threatens to clog my inbox. It’s not enough that they already send out emails of recently reported ABA rarities and birds reported in Pennsylvania that I still don’t have on my life list. Now, you can also subscribe to these alerts on the county level. This is huge … Read More

Birding resources online- Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is a great state to bird in; we have enough elevation change to afford us a large diversity of breeding and migrating warblers, we are well situated to observe a large and diverse raptor migration, and we have a large community of talented and helpful birders who are willing to share sightings and help others see good birds. Birding … Read More

County Listing

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Birders keep lists- life lists, year lists, state lists, birds on a wire list, birds seen from the sunroof- it’s one of the quirky things we birders do. The way I see it, these little games keep things interesting through the slow periods in the winter and mid-summer when birds are less vocal and little migration is happening. One ‘meta-list’ … Read More

eBird Tutorial- Merging personal locations to hotspots

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One of the cornerstones of the whole eBird system is the idea of hotspots. Hotspots allow people to submit sightings for a common location and this combined effort results in more accurate bar charts for that location. Seasonal distribution for species at hotspots can be calculated based on hundreds or even thousands of checklists rather than the few checklists that … Read More

Tutorial- eBird recent sightings gadget

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I was recently asked if there was a way to see all the birds recently reported to eBird for particular locations. It would be a great way to follow what other people are seeing and what to expect when out birding. There is in fact something like this, available as a Google Gadget. I have been using several on my … Read More