Nesting Cliff Swallows

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Cliff Swallows are social birds. All you have to do is look at how they nest to see how true that statement is. Cliff Swallows usually nest in large colonies, up to 3,500 active nests in the bigger colonies. An interesting fact about Cliff Swallows is that they have only in the last 100-150 years expanded their range to include the … Read More

Common Grackles feeding young in Carey, Idaho!

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Anna and I stopped by Carey on our way back to Boise in hopes of seeing a Great-tailed Grackle since we had missed them on our last visit. We didn’t find any, but Carey has also been a great place to find Common ‘Bronze’ Grackles recently, and we were able to find that species quite easily. There was a pair … Read More

Bald Eagle milestone for Pennsylvania

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The Pennsylvania Game Commission just released a bulletin announcing that, for the first time since the DDT era, Bald Eagles are nesting at over 200 sites across the state. In fact, as recently as 1983 only 3 nests were known in the state, all in Crawford County. The Bald Eagle population is expanding outside of Pennsylvania as well, birders at … Read More

MAPS Banding at Lucky Peak 6/5/11

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This morning Idaho Bird Observatory had its first MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) banding session of the year up at Lucky Peak. The purpose of MAPS banding is to see what species are around and will breed in that area, as well as to see how many birds are returning from year to year. IBO has been doing MAPS banding … Read More

Possible ‘Fuertes’ Red-tailed Hawk in Idaho!?

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This past week I photographed an adult Red-tailed Hawk that I think could potentially be a ‘Fuertes’ Red-tailed Hawk; a subspecies typically only found in the southwestern United States, primarily southeastern Arizona. The completely unmarked belly, undertail coverts, and leg feathers suggest Fuertes plus the markings on the underwings look right. This bird’s dark throat is unlike most Fuertes Redtails. … Read More

History of Cattle Egrets in Pennsylvania

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After four Cattle Egrets showed up nearby I became interested in the background story of Cattle Egrets in Pennsylvania. I remember seeing small flocks of Cattle Egrets when I was younger but they have been much harder to come by since I have been birding more seriously. Cattle Egrets were first reported in the U.S. in the  1940’s and it … Read More

Crested Caracaras in South-central Florida

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Crested Caracaras are members of the family Falconidae (which includes other species like Kestrels, Merlins and Hobbies, and the Peregrine Falcon). Recently, through genetic work, it was discovered that Falconidae is more closely related to parrots than other raptors. There are 11 known species of caracara, one of which is extinct. Crested Caracara is the only one found in the … Read More

More Shiloh Rd Rough-legged Hawks

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I stopped by the Shiloh Rd grasslands yesterday and a light morph roughleg was perched right in the interchange, oblivious to all the traffic around it. After a short scan of the extensive grasslands I only came up with one other roughleg, another light morph. This is the smallest number of roughlegs I have seen here in over a month … Read More