Weekend Digiscoping Spotlight 27

The Weekend Digiscoping Spotlight will highlight some of the fun shots we’ve gotten recently with a camera paired with a spotting scope or binoculars. We welcome submissions of your favorite digiscoped shots to be featured in future spotlights, just use the contact form in the menu above.

I arrived in Florida for the World Digiscopers Meeting and Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival on Tuesday, January 20th. I had some time to kill before picking Drew up from the airport, so I decided to bird Lakefront Park in Osceola County. I spent three hours birding the park, picking up lifers left and right. I think there’s something in the Florida water, because birds just pose for people with cameras. It’s weird and I still don’t know how I feel about it. Anyway, there were a lot of birds up-close, but this was one of my favorite digiscoped shots from my time at Lakefront Park. Anhingas are awesome!

Anhinga at Lakefront Park, Osceola, FL on 20 January 2015.

Anhinga at Lakefront Park, Osceola County, FL on 20 January 2015. Digiscoped with a Samsung Galaxy S4 + Celestron Regal M2 80ED & Phone Skope Adapter. Photo by Tim Schreckengost.

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