Weekend Digiscoping Spotlight 14

The Weekend Digiscoping Spotlight will highlight some of the fun shots we’ve gotten recently with a camera paired with a spotting scope. We welcome submissions of your favorite digiscoped shots to be featured in future spotlights, just use the contact form in the menu above.


Digiscoped with a Leica APO Televid 65 with Phone Skope adapter for iPhone 5s.

I spent the weekend at our cabin in northern Pennsylvania and one of my goals was to track down some of the Hooded Warblers that have moved into some of the recently logged woods in the past three years.

I had no problem finding them because this year there are at least 3 males singing in a small area. However, getting close enough to digiscope them was a challenge, as well as getting them to sit still long enough to photograph. I eventfully had one male come within about 30 meters and perch in the same place while singing.

He perched mostly out in the open but there were some white pines slightly obscuring it from my best angle which was no good for the photos because they created a blurring effect, However, I’ve found that video often does great in these cases and aren’t as affected.