Hershey Raptors

This afternoon, the sky was bright and the wind speed was low so it wasnt too cold outside so I decided to go out for a drive around the farm fields near where I live in Hershey to search for raptors. And I needed an excuse to try out my new camera! I spotted a Red-tailed Hawk about a mile after I left my house and pulled over to take a few photos of it soaring around. Just when I was about to get back in my car, I spotted two adult Bald Eagles soaring overhead! Since they were right next to each other, I could compare the sizes and they were for sure a male and female. Where were they from? The nearest nest is at least 10 miles away….maybe they were out for an afternoon food hunt? I continued to drive around some back roads for about another half hour and found a few more redtails, two female kestrels, and lots of Turkey and Black Vultures. Below are some photos I took today.

Red-tailed Hawk (adult)

Bald Eagle (adult)

American Kestrel (female)

Turkey Vulture (adult); its always nice when the birds are too close to fit in the frame!