Finding saw-whets

A while ago, when it was still warm and there were leaves on the trees,  I went out for a little daytime saw-whet radio telemetry. The skies were clear, it was almost warm and lots of birds such as pine siskins, white-breasted nuthatches and golden-crowned kinglets were flitting around. Scott and I were searching for owl we had named Quasimodo and her signal had us walking back and forth for a long while until we finally narrowed down here location to a group of pitch pines. We circled for a while, searching through the branches and pine cones until our necks were properly sore. Finally, Scott spotted her, high up in the top of pine, working on swallowing a mouse. See if you can find her in the image below, then click on the photo to see where she is…

When we got back to the car, there was a note on the windshield from Anna, telling us that Morticia was really easy to find. I wanted a closer look at a saw-whet on roost, so we decided to find her. It didn’t take long to find her perched about 12 feet off the ground, much closer than the 50 feet we had estimated for Quasi.
Using my binoculars as a zoom lens, I got a closeup of Morticia looking very curious. She just calmly watched us the entire time we were there, occasionally blinking and swiveling her head back and forth.