Winter Wren

Drew Weber2 Comments

There was no work for me yesterday, so I took the opportunity to head down to Octorara Lake to check for the previously reported Eurasian Wigeon. No luck at finding this rarity, but there were a lot of Northern Pintail, American Wigeon and a few Tundra Swans.

A Winter Wren was hopping around the nearby stream so I decided I would try to digiscope it. It’s been quite a while since I tried digiscoping little birds, but with warblers coming back in just two months I need to get back into it.


Winter Wren

Like a typical Winter Wren, this one would perch in view for a couple seconds, do its double chirp, and then change perches. I was lucky if I could find the wren in my scope and fire off a shot or two before it would move. It was also uncooperative when it came to perching in the open so the best shots I got were had a few branches in front of it. Still, I am pretty happy with the result. Anyone have tricks for getting good digiscope shots of quick, little birds?