This Week in Birding 80

This Week in Birding

:: A US national wildlife protection group, the Center for Biological Diversity, plans to sue two federal agencies for failing to protect the federally Endangered Yuma Clapper Rail from being harmed at industrial-scale solar power projects in California.

:: San Francisco’s planning department has launched a program to document, with the help of volunteers, the number of birds that die by crashing into windows in an effort to reduce such collisions.

:: The US Fish & Wildlife Service is participating in a groundbreaking study of shorebird migration patterns, using cutting-edge technology such as nano tags (lightweight radio transmitters) instead of the traditional bands to track the birds and record their data.

:: A new study is making use of pollen analysis on migrating birds‘ heads to see where the species are taking breaks from migration to refuel, and what food sources they are using, and shows that commercial and garden tree species might be more important as a food source for migrating birds than previously thought.

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