This Week in Birding 68

This Week in Birding

:: Interference from electronics and AM radio signals can disrupt the internal magnetic compasses of migratory birds.

:: An Oakland, California, tree trimmer is in the middle of a federal and state investigation into the destruction of nests and slaughter of Black Crown Night Heron nestlings.

Black-crowned Night-Heron hunting for fish around the marina at Flamingo. (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Black-crowned Night-Heron hunting for fish around a marina. (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

:: Minnesota’s Dept. of Transportation has commissioned a study to look into reports that migratory birds are flying into, and becoming entangled in the cables of, the new Hastings Bridge over the Mississippi River,

:: Dave Golowenski for the The Columbus [Ohio] Dispatch writes on just how perilous the life of birds is.

:: It’s Bird Week at the New York Times’s City Room Blog

:: The theme of this past weekend’s United Nations Migratory Bird Day is “Destination Flyways – Migratory Birds and Tourism,” an initiative which aims to develop sustainable tourism at destinations along the world’s major migratory bird routes.

:: While giant green anemones usually eat small fish, crabs and mussels, they will also eat the occasional sea birds, including nestling Brant’s and Pelagic Cormorants.

:: Diving for details on the true extent of bird mortality following the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Martha Harbison at Audubon Magazine writes about the more than one million birds that were killed by the disaster.

:: A scientist helps Darwin’s Finches combat nest parasites by providing insecticide-soaked nesting materials.

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