This Week in Birding 67

This Week in Birding

:: European Dippers living downstream from cities are not as well as those living in rural areas; they are being adversely affected by water polluted by endocrine disrupters, which causes underweight chicks and more male and fewer female chicks.

 Some endangered and threatened bird species around New Jersey’s Meadowlands are experiencing acomeback

:: Bird spe­cies suffering from more preda­t­ion tend to age faster, a German study has found

:: A new Norwegian reality show is for the birds

:: Colorado Parks & Wildlife officials have closed access, through mid-August, to several shoreline areas of state reservoirs to help protect nests of Least Terns and Piping Plovers

:: Boreal species such as Gray Jays, Olive-sided Flycatchers, and Rusty Blackbirds are experiencing declines in the Adirondacks

:: Michele Crist, president of the Golden Eagle Audubon Society in Boise, wrote an op-ed piece against the federal government’s recent approval of a “misguided” Idaho state plan to shoot or poison up to 4,000 Common Ravens to protect Sage Grouse.

:: Toxic algae blooms in Monterey Bay, California, are killing sea birds, such as Brandt’s Cormorants, and threatening humans

:: Volunteers for an animal rehabilitation center are knitting 1,200 nests for orphaned baby birds

:: Drongos in Africa utter false alarm calls to other calls in order to scare other birds and steal their food

:: Contractors at JFK Airport in NYC killed 1,600 protected birds in the past five years in efforts to stop birds from interfering with passenger flights

:: Diving birds have 45 percent fewer viable young following an oil spill, according to a study of colonies on the Spanish coast since a 2002 oil tanker disaster which was the biggest environmental disaster in Spain’s history.

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