This Week in Birding 54

This Week in Birding

:: One of the best bird news stories this week is that the Camp Perry Wind Project on Lake Erie has been halted.

:: The Red Knot called Moonbird or B95 has been be seen for the second consecutive month, by researchers in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Moonbird was originally banded on February 20, 1995 and is now at least 20 years old, the oldest recorded Red Knot.

:: Princeton University Press is now offering some of their most popular bird books as ebooks, including The Unfeathered BirdThe Warbler Guide, and The Crossley ID Guides.

:: Dorian Anderson is riding his bike across the United States for a 2014 Big Year, and will be raising money for bird conservation. Dorian is expecting to travel 15,000 miles and hoping to document 600 species. Follow his adventures on his blog, Biking for Birds.

:: An article from the New York Times about the Snowy Owl irruption this winter

:: New York is looking to eliminate about 2,200 Mute Swans in the state by 2025 

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