This Week in Birding 53

This Week in Birding

:: A controversial Double-crested Cormorant removal hunt in South Carolina is scheduled to start next week

:: The US Postal Service is releasing 10 new songbird stamps this year

:: Two white doves were released by children with the Pope in Vatican City, but then the birds were harassed by a gull and Hooded Crow

:: As Arctic sea ice melts, the polar bear’s diet is changing, eating more vegetation and Lesser Snow Geese, and fewer Ringed Seal pups.

:: The Calgary Zoo in Alberta is set to launch a 10-year captive breeding program for the critically endangered Greater Sage Grouse

:: The rare Tooth-billed Pigeon has been recently photographed by researchers in Samoa, the first confirmed sighting of this endangered species in over a decade

:: Raptors are being used at the Vancouver airport to keep other birds away from the tarmac in an effort to reduce the number of bird strikes with airplanes

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