This Week in Birding 50

This Week in Birding

:: A Snowy Owl survived a collision with a pickup truck in Ohio

:: An article about all the new species of birds discovered in 2013

:: A USA Today story for the New Year about the renewed popularity of birding

:: The city of Medicine Hat, Alberta, has filed a joint application along with LGX Oil & Gas Inc. to ask that a recent federal environmental protection order, to help save the Greater Sage Grouse, be quashed or suspended to protect the viability of the city’s oilfields; the filing came just as the 30-day appeal period was set to expire.

:: Alberta’s proposed South Saskatchewan Regional Plan for the southern part of the province is open for public consultation until January 15th; the government is planning to finalize the SSRP this winter and put it into effect in April. There are good articles here on the SSRP bThe Calgary Herald‘s environment reporter and by Kevin Van Tighemauthor and retired superintendent of Banff National Park.

:: The Moluccan Woodcock may not be as endangered as scientists thought

:: New Hampshire state representative David Campbell killed six ducks with his BMW

:: Neil Hayward’s Big Year made it into The Boston Globe

:: A story from The Wall Street Journal about the controversy of playing tape calls

:: Two Bald Eagles were shot and killed in Maryland

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