This Week in Birding 48

This Week in Birding

::  An article on how birds are able to sleep without falling off their perches

:: It’s another great winter for Snowy Owls in the Northeast United States

:: Plans to monitor fresh-water crocodiles in Australia with a motion-sensitive camera were interrupted when a young Sea Eagle flew away with the camera. It was found later about 110 kilometres away from where it had been set up.

:: Owen is a six-year-old birder from Massachusetts, and in 2014 he’ll being doing a Massachusetts Big Year! You can read about his adventures on his blog. I wish him the best of luck!

:: A very interesting story on why some birds may be gynandromorphs

:: A protection plan has been put in place to save the Greater Sage Grouse in Canada, but is it too little too late?

:: An article from The Calgary Herald about the much debated topic of baiting in birds of prey, especially owls, for photographs.

:: Heavy rainfall and warmer temperatures are not good for breeding Peregrine Falcons in the Arctic.

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