This Week in Birding 42

This Week in Birding

:: Rarity season has begun! Canada Rare Bird Alert: A Tundra/Taiga Bean-Goose  (Code 3/4) was found in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, on November 8th. This is a first record for Nova Scotia.

:: Canada Rare Bird Alert: A Calliope Hummingbird showed up at a feeder in Selkirk, Manitoba. The Calliope Hummingbird is a record first for the province.

:: ABA Rare Bird Alert: An Amazon Kingfisher (Code 5) was found during the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival in Texas near San Benito in Cameron County on the 9th. This is the second record for this species in the ABA area.

:: An interesting article about a Finnish kayaker who rescued a Northern Hawk-Owl that was found exhausted in Lake Tuusula.

:: After a national poll, the Superb Fairy-Wren is the official bird of Australia, with the Australian Magpie coming in a close second.

:: Will culling birds near airports solve the problem of birdstrikes to aircraft?

:: The Wrentit just got protection under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

:: eBird has changed the way users report Rock Pigeons

:: Read about the 11 Rules for the Twenty-Something Birdwatcher

:: The Beaverhill Bird Observatory in Alberta has applied for a grant from Shell’s “Fueling Change” program to help fund their Tree Swallow monitoring program, but they need votes to get the funding. So please vote for the BBO! (Full disclosure: I’m a member.)

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