Upcoming bird books from Princeton UP

Princeton University Press (PUP) is on a roll when it comes to publishing great field guides and bird books. There are two new releases that I am really looking forward to this spring- How to Be a Better Birder by Derek Lovich and Cotingas and Manakins by Guy M. Kirwan & Graeme Green. There are also some interesting looking regional guides that are also coming out.

How to Be a Better Birder

Derek Lovitch

This unique illustrated handbook provides all the essential tools you need to become a better birder. Here Derek Lovitch offers a more effective way to go about identification—he calls it the “Whole Bird and More” approach—that will enable you to identify more birds, more quickly, more of the time.

He demonstrates how to use geography, an understanding of habitats, ecology, and even the weather to enrich your birding experience and find something out of the ordinary. Lovitch shows how to track nocturnal migrants using radar, collect data for bird conservation, discover exciting rarities, develop patch lists—and much more.

This is the ideal resource for intermediate and advanced birders. Whether you want to build a bigger list or simply learn more about birds, How to Be a Better Birder will take your birding skills to the next level.

  • explains the “Whole Bird and More” approach to bird identification
  • demonstrates how to use geography, habitats, ecology, and the weather to be a better birder
  • shows how to bird at night using radar, collect conservation data, develop patch lists—and more.
  • offers essential tools for intermediate and advanced birders

Cotingas and Manakins

Guy M. Kirwan & Graeme Green

The new World tropics are home to the richest avifauna on the planet, with more than 4,000 species known to exist, many of them endemic. two groups found exclusively in this region are the cotingas and the manakins. Few other families of birds have such widespread appeal. They are much sought after by birders for their colorful displays, unusual plumages, and, in some cases, great rarity. Their natural history and behavior offer fascinating case studies for evolutionary biologists, while the intriguingly elusive relationships of these birds are of profound interest to taxonomists.

Cotingas and Manakins is the definitive work on these jewels of the neotropics, covering more than 130 species. these range from some of the rarest and most enigmatic birds in the world to some of the best studied of all tropical species. Many are breathtakingly colorful and ornate while some are plain and difficult to see. this stunning volume features 34 color plates by Eustace Barnes, who has observed many of these species in the field, as well as distribution maps and approximately 400 color photographs that cover all but a tiny handful of species. Complete with detailed species accounts describing key identification features, Cotingas and Manakins is the authoritative illustrated guide to these magnificent neotropical birds.

  • Covers more than 130 species of cotingas and manakins
  • Features 34 color plates and about 400 color photos

Continuing their trend of checklist field guides for every region of the world, PUP is releasing several new guides this spring. Several of these look pretty interesting and will be a great introduction to birdlife in the region.

Birds of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan

by Raffael Ayé, Manuel Schweizer & Tobias Roth

Central Asia— a vast and remote area of steppe, semi-desert, and mountains separating europe from eastern Asia— is home to a diversity of birds. Birds of Central Asia is the first-ever field guide to the avian population for this fascinating part of the world. From ground jays, larks, and raptors, to warblers, nuthatches, and snowfinches, this comprehensive guide covers 627 species— including all residents, migrants, and vagrants— and 141 superb plates depict every species and many distinct plumages and races. The portable book contains important introductory sections on the land and its birds, and up-to-date color maps. the concise, authoritative text on facing pages highlights key identification features, such as status, voice, and habitat. Birds of Central Asia is indispensable for anyone interested in the birds of this remarkable and little-known region.

  • First-ever field guide to the birds of  Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan
  • covers 627 species, including all residents, migrants, and vagrants
  • 141 superb plates depict every species and many distinct plumages and races

Birds of India: Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, second edition

by Richard Grimmett, Carol Inskipp & Tim Inskipp

The best field guide to the birds of the indian subcontinent is now even better. Thoroughly revised, with 73 new plates and many others updated or repainted, the second edition of Birds of India now features all maps and text opposite the plates for quicker and easier reference. newly identified species have been added, the text has been extensively revised, and all the maps are new. Comprehensive and definitive, this is the indispensable guide for anyone birding in this part of the world.

  • The leading field guide to the birds of the indian subcontinent—now thoroughly revised and improved
  • 1,375 species illustrated and described, including all residents, migrants, and vagrants
  • 226 color plates—including 73 new ones—depict every species and many distinct plumages and races
  • Concise text and accurate distribution maps opposite plates for easy reference
  • Includes newly identified species

A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

Julian Fitter & Don Merton

New Zealand is commonly described as “the land of birds.” Now, there is an easy-to-use guide for all those interested in this country’s remarkable bird population. A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand contains over 600 stunning photographs of the more than 350 bird species likely to be seen in this area of the world. comprehensive and compact, the book includes full descriptions of all native species and regular visitors, distribution maps and measurements, key information on national parks, and useful information on ongoing conservation efforts in the country. Filled with handy tips for nature enthusiasts wanting to make the most of their trip, this is the only bird guide that anyone exploring this region will need.

  • 600+ color photographs feature more than 350 bird species with full descriptions
  • Distribution maps and measurements
  • Key information on national parks helps readers