More birds + some precip to keep it interesting

Regional Overview

For the second night in a row, migration was good across much of the region. Some precipitation did move through the area, hopefully resulting in some local concentrations of migrants. South winds were key in the mass migration and may provide great hawk watching conditions along the lake and ridges.  The bulk of migrants in many areas should still be sparrows but the excitement from this mid-April push will be in the scattered warblers that arrive early, such as Northern Parula, Black-and-white, Nashville and Yellow Warblers. Keep an eye out for these. Other than warblers and sparrows, this big influx should also bring an increase in shorebirds, waders and terns.


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The storms passing through southern Pennsylvania were blocking movement to northern PA for much of the night. Radar detected more movement in the western edge of the state as the storms passed so these counties may have the best chance for new species. The southeastern part of the state experienced precipitation through the early morning hours and the birds moving in southern part of the state may have been put down by this line of storms.

As always, please leave me comments on what you find out in the field.

Check out Alex’s post for an idea of birds to be expecting in the next week.

New York

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Central NY saw good migration throughout the night but with storms to the south may have experienced a net exodus of birds. Some storms did move through the area in the morning hours so there may be patchy fallout conditions, possibly shorebirds. Based on what central PA found yesterday, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Palm Warblers and North Parulas could make their first appearance.


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Ohio also saw fairly strong migration but it is a bit hard to predict. Birds seemed to be moving throughout the night but small lines of storms, especially along the lakeshore may have produced small localized fallout conditions. Radar was lit up to the south so the entire state should have experience a nice influx of new migrants.

As always, check Kenn Kaufman’s post for more specifics on what to expect this time of year.

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I need your help! These reports will only be as good as the feedback I get on these updates. Please leave comments on interesting patterns of migration you are seeing in the field so I can incorporate some ground truthing to my forecasts and predictions. Thanks!