Moderate migration on less than ideal winds

Regional Overview

Last night migration was widespread despite some north and east winds. Some storms were moving eastward across the region in front of a low pressure system that may cause some localized fallout conditions. Migration was definitely heavier across Ohio than Pennsylvania and New York but birds did seem to be moving everywhere.


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PA showed light migration across the state last night. Expect to see some of the later warblers scattered at various spots. This is definitely the time of the year to be checking breeding grounds, as many warblers are already back on territory. Remember to record any evidence of breeding in eBird!

As always, please leave me comments on what you find out in the field.


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Maryland prediction coming soon…

New York

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New York had a moderate migration last night. Expect to see a fair number of new warbler species, or higher counts of warblers already back.


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The Nemesis Bird team is now at the Biggest Week festival in nw Ohio and I am looking forward to figuring out migration patterns in this area a bit better. There was moderate migration over northern Ohio, with what looked like heavy migration over the nw part of the state. Birds were definitely moving north and were cut off early in the morning by some precipitation which may put down concentrations of birds. It will be interesting to see what shows up at the boardwalk this morning.

Check Kenn Kaufman’s blog for more specifics on what to expect this time of year.

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I need your help! These reports will only be as good as the feedback I get on these updates. Please leave comments on interesting patterns of migration you are seeing in the field so I can incorporate some ground truthing to my forecasts and predictions. Thanks!