Migration update for March 18


Migration was good last night with a lot of birds showing up on the radar throughout the night. With the relatively calm winds, I would expect new arrivals to be spread across the landscape.

Be on the lookout for Eastern Towhee and Eastern Phoebe anywhere you would expect those species to show up. Tree Swallows should also be showing up at most wetlands and breeding areas. Watch for any Rough-winged Swallows mixed in with flocks I Tree Swallows.

Other new arrivals to search for today would be Pectoral Sandpiper and yellowlegs along pond edges and in flooded fields. Chipping Sparrows could be showing up in parks and at feeders.

Alex and I are on a field trip to Haldeman’s Island along the Susquehanna River in search of waterfowl and early migrants.

Let us know what you expect to see today and what new birds you find.