Fowl weather

Yeah, its a bad pun, but this weather is looking pretty nasty and could bring us some good birds. With up to 3 inches of rain heading our way and possibly some snow as well, hopefully there will be some rafts of ducks at Bald Eagle State Park that decide this is not the weather to attempt flying in. I think Alex is heading out there this morning and hopefully he will have something good to report.

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Radar at 9:10am on 11/30/2010


UPDATE!!!! – (this is Alex writing) Bald Eagle State Park, Coyler Lake, and the “Duck Pond” were empty. Very few waterfowl were seen today when Anna Fasoli and I made the rounds to check. I was very surprised that BESP didnt have a ncie collection of ducks and was shocked that Colyer Lake only had 4 Mallards! Oh well, maybe some ducks will drop in later today or tomorrow……