Cool birder tees from PRBY

I’m excited to share that my buddy over at Punk Rock Big Year, Paul Riss, is running an Indiegogo campaign to create a cool new line of clothing for birders – something that will spark conversation and look cool. If the campaign is successful, Paul has a bunch of other really neat design ideas that he can start selling, so contribute now and get your Red-winged Blackbird tee early.

As Paul says in the campaign-

  • You can finally be a birder AND fashion forward.
  • It will raise the bar for birdwatching apparel and make people more interested in birding in general.
  • Imagine yourself wearing this shirt and people asking, “What does RWBL mean?” All of a sudden you have a chance to talk about birding and how awesome it is. We all love doing that, right?
  • We don’t have to look like fuddy-duddy freak-show bird people in our poorly designed, ill-fitting t-shirts anymore. We can still be bird-freaks but with style!
First tee from PRBY apparel

First tee from PRBY apparel

Indiegogo campaign link