The Top 100 Checklist a Day competition

Thanks to Ted Keyel for coming up with this challenge and writing up most of the post. 

So, you think can bird? What about eBird? Even if you can, what about your state? Do you have what it takes to help spread the word and encourage more of your friends and family to use eBird more? If so, join Nemesis Bird in this friendly competition!

The goal of this competition is relatively straightforward. How many states and provinces can have their entire Top 100 (as sorted by checklists) with everyone averaging one complete checklist per day? That’s right, all 100 would have to have at least 365 complete checklists for the year. Think your region has what it takes? Get those checklist numbers up there and encourage your birding compatriots to do the same! This challenge cannot be won by a single individual. In 2012, as an example, 31 birders in PA topped 365 checklists for the year, 56 in New York, 30 in Wisconsin, 17 in Ohio, and 71 in California.

2012 brought us the 100,000,000th eBird checklist. If the Top 100 for all fifty states were filled to 365 checklists, that alone would add 1,825,000 more checklists this year, and that’s assuming that everyone only submits that few lists! Read more about the importance of complete checklists.

Check back on Nemesis Bird as the year progresses to look at the maps below showing the progress each state and province is making towards the checklist a day goal. Thank you very much for your participation and may the most active state win!

To wrap it all up:

The goal

Top 100 eBirders in each state average 1 or more checklists per day in their state.

What you can do

  1. Submit a checklist (or several) each time you are out birding.
  2. Submit complete checklists for each location you bird at.
  3. Share your eBird checklists with others in your group when you go birding.
  4. Share this challenge with your friends, post it to your state and regional Facebook groups and listservs.
  5. Share this post on social networks: click to share on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
  6. If you are a blogger or have a website, consider adding the One-a-Day eBird badge over at BirdingisFun!

Below is a map showing how many people are on schedule to end the year with more than 1 checklist per day. Updated periodically.