Campus Red-tail

The PSU campus has at least two pairs of Red-tailed Hawks that call it home and terrorize the thousands of squirrels and chipmunks that also live here. Everyday, one adult Red-tailed Hawks perches on the large stadium lights that surround the outdoor pool, which is right behind my apartment. Today, when I was walking back from class the Red-tail was perched right over the parking area, so I sat below it and took photos of it scanning for a meal. After about 15 minutes, the hawk leaped off the perch, set it’s sights on a squirrel, and dove into the trees. I never walked over to see if the bird made a successful capture……below are two shots of the hawk.

Red-tailed Hawk - adult stretching it's wings

Red-tailed Hawk - adult setting it's sights on a squirrel