White Ibis at the flats

Finally got out on the flats for the first time since late April. There had been both an immature White Ibis and a Sandhill Crane hanging out there together so I was hoping to see both these birds. Unfortunately, only the White Ibis was around while I was on the flats but it was very cooperative. It was hanging out in the cove by Avocet Point and as we were watching it, the ibis wandered back up along the woods, almost disappearing.

This is my second White Ibis in Pennsylvania, the first being the immature bird that showed up last year in Harrisburg. Apparently juvenile White Ibis were annual at one time in Washington Boro, attracted to the rookery there. During an invasion year in 1977, 17 White Ibises were counted at the Conejohela Flats on August 11th.

Anyone going to see the White Ibis should be forewarned that it is keeping to the upper part of the cove on the west side of Avocet Point which makes it hard to see from shore unless you walk down the river from the boat launch to where there is a break in the trees.