Double Tray Window Bird Feeder review and giveaway

Congratulations to Tim Schreckengost for winning the giveaway. He wisely chose to receive the Double Tray Window Bird feeder I reviewed. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Living in an apartment building makes it less than optimal for bird feeding- no good places to safely hang a feeder. So when Wild Birds Unlimited offered to send me a review unit of their Double Tray Window Bird Feeder, I jumped at the opportunity. I already have a window hummingbird feeder hanging on the kitchen window of our first floor apartment and we have a steady stream of mostly female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds that visit during the breeding season.

WBU Double Tray Window Bird Feeder

Putting the feeder up was very simple. Installation involved attaching the two suction cups to the feeder with screws, cleaning the window, and then pushing the suction cups onto the window. One feature of window feeders that I really like is that, due to the proximity of the feeder to the window, is extremely unlikely that birds will ever strike the glass with enough force to injure themselves.

One feature that I really like about this specific window feeder are the two removable trays. Each tray can hold ⅓ cup of bird seed and sits securely in square holes in the feeder. Currently I have black oil sunflower seeds in both trays but I could see putting mealworms or peanuts in there depending on what you are looking to attract. Since it is so easy to take the trays out and clean them, you can even use one side as a suet feeder. As protection against seed spoilage, the feeder has a cover over the two trays and the trays have several small holes on the bottom to allow any water to drain. These are nice touches that I really appreciate because you can tell that some thought was actually put into the design of the feeder. The feeder is a hard plastic that is advertised as very durable and also resistant to the awful yellowing that a lot of older plastic feeders experience.

I would highly recommend this feeder to anyone that is looking to attract birds to their window for close observation, especially if you don’t have a yard to hang feeders up.

Wild Birds Unlimited has a big selection of wild bird feeders that are worth checking out. There are a plethora of feeder choices for nyjer, black oil sunflower and suet. An interesting new product is a suet-like spread called Jim’s Birdacious Bark Butter. Bark Butter is a combination of suet, peanut butter and corn that is easy to spread on pretty much any surface and provides a high energy food for birds. Look for a review of that in the future.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Double Tray Window Bird Feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited.