Low pressure pushes east- fallout for Ohio and western PA?

Regional Overview

South winds dominated across most of the region, touching off another night of moderate migration. A low pressure system is pushing through the area and reached as far east as the western edge of PA last night. I think there is great potential for fallout conditions from this front, particularly in places where it passed through after midnight.


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The radar was alive with migrants across the state, both on the State College and Pittsburgh radars. Velocity radar showed movement to the NNE the entire night at appropriate speeds to indicate birds. With the entire east coast experiencing these good migration conditions, expect a fair amount of turnover. Many of the warbler species should now be somewhere in the state, although still at low numbers. Reports of Indigo Buntings, orioles and White-eyed Vireos have been drifting in, and should increase after last night.

The western edge of the state saw some precipitation early this morning, which could produce some great fallout conditions. Presque Isle looked like it was hit around midnight and could be an excellent place to bird. The entire western edge may also see some fallout so get out and look through all of your spring migrant traps.

As always, please leave me comments on what you find out in the field.


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Maryland also experienced some good migratory action overhead last night. Expect an influx of new species as we approach the expected arrival dates for many more species. Migration was hot to the south and so there should be a big influx of new birds.

New York

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New York saw a good movement throughout the night. With good conditions in all directions, look for a turnover in species composition as birds moved into and through the region.


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Much of the precipitation associated with the low pressure system may have moved through the north and western parts of the state too early to allow birds to migrate. However, locations where the precipitation hit after mid night could definitely see some fallout conditions. Winds turned north after the front moved through so even if the rain cleared out early, it is unlikely that birds took off again.

Check Kenn Kaufman’s blog for more specifics on what to expect this time of year.

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