Berks County Gyrfalcon


example of a dark Gyrfalcon - photo by Andrea Pokrzywinski on

Here I am posting updates on the Gyrfalcon so that hopefully lots of folks get to see it and document it. You can view a map of the area below and if you follow the link below the map you can also add your own sightings to help other people get on the bird. Scroll down for a drawing of the Gyrfalcon by the finder, David Hughes.

  • Dec 30 – midday- A possible Gyrfalcon was originally sighted during the Hamburg Christmas Bird Count. No camera but he did see it briefly through his scope, a drawing (below) and field notes were taken.
  • Dec 31 – seen briefly the at 7:30AM by Matt Wlasniewski but not seen the remainder of the day.
  • Jan 2 – Refound at 8:00AM by Ken Lebo and then again at 1:45PM by Dave Hughes. The last three sightings were brief with the bird flying over the field, perching on a pole or tree briefly and then taking
    off. Posted to the listserv
  • Jan 3 – several reports to PARBA and the listserv of a ‘large, dark falcon’ near Sutter and Rahn Rds.
  • Jan 4 – between 12:30 and 2:00 PM – the sightings involved the falcon near/ on the hay bales near the crest of Sutter Rd. and also harassing pigeons on Kohlers Mill Rd
  • Jan 5 – no sightings despite several hours of searching in the afternoon

View 2012 Berks Gyrfalcon updates in a larger map