Attack of the Zombie-Hawks!

There isnt really an attack of zombie-hawks here in Idaho….but if you look at the following pictures, you might think there is. Often while I am photographing raptors, I take a shot right when the bird happens to be closing its nictitating membrane across their eye. This transparent eyelid is present on all birds, but is especially useful to raptors in order to clean their eyes and to protect their eyes when they are flying through dense brush. Without eyes in tip-top shape, it would make hunting even harder for these predators. However, its not really that great when I am trying to get a nice photo of a raptor and they decide to close that membrane, because then it makes them look like they have zombie eyes! Anyway, below are four photos that show what I mean, and I don’t know what else to do with these shots. Since their nictitating membrane is shown, these photos are almost down-right scary!

‘Zombie’ Red-tailed Hawk – juvenile western light type


‘Zombie’ Golden Eagle – adult


‘Zombie’ Swainson’s Hawk – juvenile light type


‘Zombie’ Red-tailed Hawk – adult western light type