American Golden Plover- Somerset Lake, PA Fall ’12

Quick post with some cool video and pictures of a juvenile American Golden Plover (Pluvialis dominica) that showed up 9/18/2012 at Somerset Lake, Somerset County, PA. All the pictures and video in this post were taken with an iPhone 4s, digiscoped through a Kowa TSN 824.

Juvenile American Golden Plover at edge of flats, north parking area Somerset Lake. Note the scaley breast and sides of this juvenile bird. Kowa TSN 824:60X, iPhone 4s


Video of the it feeding on the “spit” where I first observed it-


American Golden Plover showing back detail, juvenile birds show this speckling.

American Golden Plover in a setting you don’t tuypically see! It foraged for a long while in deeper water with up to 7 species of shorebirds and 2 rails. In this photo are Lesser Yellowlegs, Northern Shoveler, Blue-winged Teal and Mallard.

Video of it foraging with some yellowlegs-

American Golden Plover feeding


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