Mid-summer Yard and Patch updates

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It’s mid-summer and the frenzied pace of adding species to yard and patch lists has likely slowed down for a while. I thought it would be interesting to see what the first 6 months have produced. There are some very impressive yard lists from the first half of the year in all size classes. At least one person has managed … Read More

2012 Yard Contest – February results

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For February we are now up to 37 entries in the yard contest. People are doing pretty good in all the categories, especially those with some attached property which is probably helping them with sparrows and other passerines. Two yards are tied at 43 species, with quite a few not far behind. It will be interesting to see how many … Read More

2012 Yard Contest – January results

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For the first month of the 2012 yard contest we had 27 entries. I know there are a lot more birders in PA that bird in their yard so hopefully you all add your yard to the contest. Read the rules at the Yard/Patch competition page. The top yards in the three bigger categories recorded over 30 species. The top eBirders … Read More