South Padre Warblers on Parade

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Sandwiched between the rush of spring-breakers in March and the arrival of beach-goers in June, there is another invasion of visitors to South Padre Island during the end of April and beginning of May. They may be much more discrete than rowdy, drunken college kids but dress just as gaudy and they don’t crowd the beaches with 4X4’s and umbrellas like … Read More

Wilson’s Warblers

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The Wilson’s Warbler is a relatively uncommon migrant warbler species in this region of Pennsylvania. In addition, their aptitude for staying in dense brush can make them difficult to find. I have discovered that the brushy edges and water sources along the edge of my yard provide excellent habitat for migrating Wilson’s Warblers. Of the seven I have observed here … Read More

Wilson’s Warbler – Newnan’s Lake, FL

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Most eastern warblers pass through Florida during migration, some even overwinter throughout the state. Some, like the Blackburnian Warbler are much more abundant throughout the state during fall migration compared to spring migration. Others, like Mourning Warbler and Wilson’s Warbler seem to ignore Florida altogether and pass west of the state and follow a route through Texas and/or over the … Read More

A Year in the Yard

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Back in January 2011, I decided I would spend the next year trying to find as many birds as possible on my property during the year. During the previous year I had recorded 149 species, annoying close to the 150 mark. To find 150 species in my yard during the year would be a tremendous feat, considering I don’t live … Read More

Flammulated Owl Surveys near Ashton, Idaho

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Our survey near Ashton, Idaho, was indeed delayed one night due to bad weather, mainly wind.  The wind died down over the next day, and we spent most of the day birding at nearby Chester Dam and the riparian area that leads to it.  It turned out to be one of our best warbler days in Idaho, including lots of … Read More