Shawnee State Park weekend warblers

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It’s no surprise that we have been getting a lot of warblers moving through. With migration in full swing I have attempted to photograph some of the warblers that I have been seeing now that we have a lens for our camera that zooms up to 300mm. Justine and I spent the weekend camping at Shawnee State Park and there … Read More

Cold Weather Birding 1-15-11

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Today, Mark Markiewicz and I made a huge birding loop from Hershey, down to Lancaster County, then Berks County, then Lebanon County, and finally back to Hershey. We were trying to pick up as many of the interesting species of birds recently reported as possible. The first stop was along Hess Road near New Holland to see if any wintering … Read More

Golden-crowned Sparrow and Orange-crowned Warbler – Chesapeake Farms, MD

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After chasing (and finding!) the Northern Wheatear this morning, Klye Aldinger, Ian Gardner, and I drove about an hour farther south to try and find the Golden-crowned Sparrow. This is a west coast species that is very rarely seen in the East. I was really doubting we would see it. It seemed like it wasnt very reliable and all birders HAD to stay … Read More

Townsend’s Warbler- check

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After an hour of scanning the brush and waiting for the sun to warm up the trees, the Townsend’s Warbler finally popped into view. I was hoping to get a picture but the warbler was constantly moving and in the tree tops. Holly Merker posted some pictures on flickr and you can view them here.

Jumping warblers

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Here is one of my favorite digiscope shots of a yellow-rumped warbler. I took this at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge (Tinicum) near Philadelphia when I was searching for a Western Tanager that had been reported there several years ago.

Jumpy Yellow-rumps

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It’s fun to see what poses you get when you take a whole series of pictures. I managed to catch this Yellow-rumped Warbler in two funny poses. The first caught him in mid jump while the second he is looking inquisitively at me.

The aberrant warbler and a firethroat

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Yellow-breasted Chat © 2007 Drew Weber Point counts have been good as of late. I was in Lancaster County a few days finishing up points in that area and my best find was a very outgoing chat. I had it singing during a point count near Muddy Run Reservoir so I marked the spot on my GPS and returned after … Read More

10 Ways to See more Birds

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These aren’t backed by any guarantee, just what has held true from my experience. In no particular order I present you with 10 ways to see more birds. Walk slower. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people walk past birds because they aren’t walking slow enough, giving the birds more time to move and become visible. … Read More