Scotia Barrens – 8/22/11

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This morning was my first trip to Scotia Barrens this fall to search for migrants, particularly warblers. It was a slow morning as should be expected this early in the fall, but it was still great to be back in central PA! Tim Schreckengost and Nate Fronk were birding with me this morning, and we were able to find a … Read More

SE Arizona, Day 5 – Mt. Lemmon and Tucson

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This is the fifth in a series of posts about my recent trip to southeastern Arizona, the other posts can be seen at these links (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4). On July 31st, we spent the night at the “Rooster Roost” cabin in Summerhaven. This put us already at the top of Mt. Lemmon the next morning, … Read More

Idaho Highlights

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Anna and I have been working here in Idaho since April 4th. It has been a wonderful and bird-packed three and a half months, but now it must come to an end. On July 11th, Anna and I will begin our road trip down to Blythe, California, where we will be working for the remainder of the summer. For this … Read More

4 Day Birding Tour of Idaho

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I have managed to turn many of my friends back home into crazy birders. My friend Mark Markiewicz is no exception; a few years ago Mark’s brother Chris and I began going out kayaking along the Swatara Creek, that runs through Hershey, PA, often and I would always point out any bird species we saw. It wasnt long till Mark … Read More

MAPS Banding at Lucky Peak 6/5/11

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This morning Idaho Bird Observatory had its first MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) banding session of the year up at Lucky Peak. The purpose of MAPS banding is to see what species are around and will breed in that area, as well as to see how many birds are returning from year to year. IBO has been doing MAPS banding … Read More

Recent observations here in Idaho….

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I have been pretty busy trying to find curlew nests this past week, while Anna is off in western Idaho surveying for Flammulated Owls. However, the birds are busy with their own agendas. Many species have began nesting (if they havent already fledged chicks by now) while others are still migrating through the area on their way to their breeding … Read More

First Week of Flammulated Owl Surveys!

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This past week instead of searching for curlew nests, my coworker Oly Olson and I went to southeastern Idaho to begin the first week of surveys for Flammulated Owls. Anna stayed behind to keep an eye on the curlews and search for nests. Oly and I visited some really amazing places and this week of traveling around southeast Idaho really … Read More

Cerulean Warblers south of Black Moshannon

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This morning I set out with the intentions of finding Cerulean Warblers. I had looked up Breeding Bird Atlas data on Cerulean Warblers and noticed that they were observed along the ridges north of Julian Wetlands along the southern edge of Moshannon State Park (at least according to Google). I thought the habitat looked great when I arrived the intersection … Read More

Scotia warbler bonanza

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It was a great morning at Scotia Barrens IBA. Overall I saw/heard over 150 individual warblers while I drove through Scotia Barrens. Highlights were an Orange-crowned Warbler near the powerline close to the south entrance, a singing Mourning Warbler that I got great looks of at the research shed, a Wilson’s Warbler singing and jumping around low in some bushes and … Read More

Western warblers finally arriving!

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I have been spending the past couple weeks recieving text alerts from back home in PA and reading posts on the PABIRDS listserve that have been filled with reports of all the warblers swarming through eastern forests right now and I have been feeling a little left out, since migration is a little behind here in Idaho and up until … Read More