Trailer for ‘The Big Year’

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Possibly the most anticipated and biggest profile birding movie ever, The Big Year has just released their trailer. The trailer is pretty vague and makes it hard to tell if the movie will be any good. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Bald Eagle SP Caspian Tern and Dunlin

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This evening I went to Bald Eagle State Park to help set up a banding site for the Bald Eagle Birding Festival. I got there a bit early to see if there was anything around and I was glad I did. On the beach there was a single Caspian Tern in the company of about 20 ratty looking Ring-billed Gulls. … Read More

Richard Crossley on getting closer to birds

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As a bird photographer, Richard Crossley often has to get pretty close to birds to get the great shots that he does. In this short video he describes techniques he uses to avoid scaring or flushing the birds he is photographing. These are all great techniques for getting better looks at birds as well.

Decorah Eagle cam

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At this point I am sure just about everyone has heard about the eagle cam that is set up in Decorah, Iowa since it has been on NPR and all over the web. But if you haven’t you can watch below as the chicks hatch, the parents bring in food and all sorts of other droll everyday stuff that eagles … Read More

Massive blackbird flocks

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While spending some time in Lancaster over Thanksgiving, I was able to get out and drive the farm fields looking for birds. One interesting bird phenomenon of the region is the large flocks of blackbirds that roam the fields during winter, presumably attracted by all the grain remaining in the fields after everything is harvested. The flocks usually consist of … Read More

Migrating Golden Eagles

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I had a chance to quick slip up to Jo Hayes Vista yesterday afternoon and decided to go since there was a strong west wind, which is excellent at that site for making Red-tailed Hawks and eagles hug the ridge, giving excellent views. I ended up seeing 4 Golden Eagles and 3 Bald Eagles in a matter of 2 hours, … Read More

Coot flock

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The last several times I was at Bald Eagle State Park there was a large flock of American Coots foraging, diving and rough-housing around one of the better vantage points looking across the lake. I think it is amusing to watch them jump out of the water before they dive under and then pop back out. I took this video … Read More

Nest building Gnatcatchers

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 Yesterday at Speedwell Forge Park in northern Lancaster County, PA I came across a pair of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers building a nest and pulling material from the tent catepillars tent. I was able to get pretty close as they flew in and out and got some neat pictures and a video. Enjoy!