The Birder movie needs Kickstarter funding!

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The number of new birding movies in production is exciting. One of them, The Birder, is looking for funds to finish out the production of the movie. Check out the pitch video below and then head to their Kickstarter page to help them out! From the Kickstarter page – THE BIRDER is an intelligent and witty comedy about a mild-mannered high … Read More

Finding a saw-whet owl

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[dc]A[/dc]round 11 on Sunday morning, Joe Brin called to say that he had relocated the local Northern Saw-whet Owl that has taken up residence along the boardwalk at a nearby nature center. We had searched several times for this owl with no luck and were excited about actually seeing it so we rushed out to meet Joe. We walked down … Read More

EVERY Grebe Species at Memorial Lake

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Pennsylvania Grebe Perfection. Every species of grebe (Avian order Podicipediformes, family Podicipedidae), that has EVER been documented in Pennsylvania was present at the SAME place, at the SAME TIME, at Memorial Lake State Park on Sunday, November 4, 2012. Coincidentally, it was also my birthday. While my girlfriend and I were originally planning to visit a brewery in Downingtown, by … Read More

This winter’s irruptives

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[dc]O[/dc]ne of the exciting things about winter birding is the prospect of large movements of winter finches and other more northern species. Already we are seeing signs that this winter may be good for Red Crossbills and Red-breasted Nuthatches, and it’s not even fall yet. Irruptions are fun because they give many of us a rare chance to see a species … Read More

Maryland Herald Petrel – 8/25/12

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This past weekend, 5 of my friends and I were fortunate enough to be on the See Life Paulagics overnight pelagic out of Lewes, DE. This pelagic turned out to probably be Maryland’s best-ever summer pelagic due to the shear number of awesome species and the great looks we were able to get throughout the day, despite rough seas. For … Read More

Clapper Rail Babies!!

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This past weekend, while birding in southern Delaware, Clapper Rails were very active and we saw them out in the open on a number of occasions throughout the day. In fact, saw a total of 19 Clapper Rails throughout our day trip! One of the reasons they were so active and easily seen was because a lot of pairs were … Read More

When a Bird Becomes an Individual: the One-legged Great Egret

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Books can be (and are) written about the ornithological knowledge gained through studies that involve the practice known as “bird banding” (or “ringing” overseas). To put it simply, banding involves the capture and marking of a wild bird with a unique serial number.  In the USA and Canada, those numbers are generated by the US Geological Survey’s Bird Banding Laboratory. … Read More

New birding movie coming…

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It appears that there is a new birding-related movie on the horizon. Check out the ‘sizzle reel’ below to get an idea of the plot. Intrigued? A Birder’s Guide to Everything Sizzle from Rob Meyer on Vimeo. Thanks to a post from Kenn Kaufman for the heads up.

eBird Hotspot Merging Tutorial

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Sometimes you just gotta clean up your eBird locations. Maybe you’ve made personal locations in an area that now has a hotspot and want your data to contribute to the hotspot barcharts and species lists. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to do this.

Chat heaven

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This morning I decided to run down to Rock Springs Nature Preserve, a wonderfully interesting area of scrubby habitat in southern Lancaster County. I had no more than opened my car door than I heard the harsh chatter of a distant Yellow-breasted Chat. When I walked out about 100 yards into the preserve I realized that there were at least … Read More