Slowing Down on the Bluebird Trail

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This post is brought to you by Neil Paprocki, a Raptor Biology Master’s student at Boise State University and Scientific Director for Wild Lens Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit video production company focused on addressing wildlife conservation issues. Help tell one of the greatest conservation success stories of the 20th century by supporting the Kickstarter campaign for a new documentary about one man’s role in the … Read More

Second time’s the charm! – Snowy Owl in St. Catharines, Ontario

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Back in mid-February I joined the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology on a four day trip through Ontario, in search of  boreal specialties. On the first day of the trip, we visited Amherst Island and were treated to distant views of a Snowy Owl. By distant, I mean really distant – the owl was basically just a white blob far out … Read More

White-cheeked Pintail just in time for the 110th anniversary of Pelican Island NWR

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So far this winter, Florida has had an incredible spree of West Indian vagrants turn up. One of the most interesting is an adult White-cheeked Pintail that was discovered by Molly McCarter at Pelican Island NWR on January 29th. White-cheeked Pintails are residents of the West Indies and Caribbean, commonly occurring year-round as close to Florida as Cuba and the … Read More

Owling in Ottawa – Part 3

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Our day of birding in Ottawa was going wonderfully – we had gotten incredible views of both Great Gray Owl and Boreal Owl, and still had two more major targets lined up for the day. We were running out of daylight, but drove over to the Old Quarry Trail in southwest Ottawa, hoping to find the Northern Hawk Owl that has … Read More

Harlem Shake – Wildlife Style

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I thought I had seen them all, but this is fantastic. Grouse really know how to get down. No less amazing is that this is from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Here are some more great wildlife versions. Penguins Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Asian Carp Have you found any other good versions? Or any other good memes with birds? Share in … Read More

The King of Cape May Point

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For over a month now, an immature male King Eider has been hanging out along the beach at Cape May Point. It is most often seen foraging around the jetty at the St. Mary’s dune crossing – that is where my friends and I were able to catch up with it on the evening of January 2nd. The eider was … Read More

Close Encounter of the Peregrine Kind

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After enjoying Delaware’s 1st Anna’s Hummingbird on the morning of January 2nd Josh Lefever, Mark Mizak, and I drove towards Cape May, NJ. Our primary goal for the day was to spend some time birding Stone Harbor Point, one of my favorite birding locations in New Jersey. Stone Harbor Point rarely disappoints and more-often-than-not, we find species there that we don’t see … Read More

Photographing Roosting Owls: How To Know You’re Doing It Right

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Long-eared Owl

A sleepy owl is a happy owl! Of all the potential subjects for aspiring bird photographers, roosting owls just might be the most intoxicatingly enticing subject of all.  Owls are an especially charismatic clan of birds.  Whether or not you enjoy their typecast roles in folklore, you have to admit that there is an overwhelming temptation to map our human modes of … Read More

Banding an Allen’s Hummingbird

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Recently author, bird bander and one of Nemesis Bird’s favorite people, Scott Weidensaul, had the chance to band Pennsylvania’s 4th record of an Allen’s Hummingbird. Audubon at Home recorded the banding, and as always, Scott pals a lot of great educational info into a small bit of video. Are you still seeing hummingbirds at your feeder?

Mountain Bluebird at Fort Getty Park, Rhode Island

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The morning of November 18th, 2012 was the second day of a 5 day birding trip that Josh Lefever, Ian Gardner and I went on through coastal New England for Thanksgiving Break. We had quite a few plans for the day, all of which included chasing rare birds in the region while trying to find as many other species as … Read More