Life in Queens: A New Patch

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My recent move from Nassau to Queens was one of the final big events in a very eventful 2019. A few months out, I’d consider myself comfortably settled in, and the pros certainly outnumber the cons so far. Somewhere in between “notably shorter, easier commute” and “return to reliance on laundromats” on the Cool-to-Lame Scale lie the changes to my … Read More

“Snowpril” Birding

Mike LanzoneBird Finding Tips, Bird Sightings, Birding, General News and Info2 Comments

I had thought we had seen the last of winter weeks ago, and temperatures in the 50s to near 80 degrees over the last many weeks was the norm. Migration was really starting to crank up in PA with many species of warblers arriving, orioles and grosbeaks showing up and some hummers making an appearance. All the fruit trees in … Read More

Injured Vesper Sparrow

Alex LamoreauxBird Sightings2 Comments

This afternoon, while hawk watching at the Dunning’s Mtn site in Bedford County, I spotted a Vesper Sparrow foraging along the roadside. Last weekend we had seen a Vesper Sparrow in the same spot with some Dark-eyed Juncos. Something looked a little weird today and when I tried to move in closer for a photo, I realized that its wing … Read More