Pigeons and Doves of South Africa

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South Africa is blessed with quite a collection of pigeon and dove species. Of the 15 species that call southern Africa home, I was able to see 12. Ranging in size from the massive African Olive-Pigeon to the tiny Emerald Spotted Wood-Dove, they are all beautiful and at least one species can be found in every habitat you could encounter … Read More

Wagtails! South Africa

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Most North American birders don’t even know what a ‘wagtail’ is…it doesn’t really sound like a bird, but in Africa, the name wagtail is well known. These medium-sized relatives of our pipits are common throughout Eurasia and Africa. Within South Africa, there are six species in total. I was lucky enough to see three of these species; the Cape Wagtail, … Read More

Wetland Birds of South Africa

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I wasn’t able to visit many wetland habitats in South Africa, but when I did, I was greeted by some very beautiful birds. The four photos below were taken in a wetland within the Wilderness National Park along the southern coast of South Africa. The African Purple Swamphen is a massive relative to the coots and rails. This beautiful bird … Read More

Trip to Idaho and Start of Long-billed Curlew Work

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Three days ago, Alex and I arrived in Boise, Idaho after a fast but lengthy drive across the country.  We started out early on saturday morning, and by the days end we were in Nebraska, just short of Lincoln.  During our morning drive the next day, at sunrise, hundreds of Sandhill Cranes soon turned into thousands, as the remaining Sandhill … Read More

Cape Vultures in South Africa

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Nesting and living in a massive river gorge that creates the border of the Mkambati Nature Reserve is one of the largest remaining colonies of the threatened Cape Vulture (aka Cape Griffon). This massive old-world vulture species is pretty much the only vulture species present along the southeastern coast of southern Africa and I was lucky enough to visit the … Read More

Starlings of South Africa

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Probably the most common bird in the United States is the European Starling, there are billions of them. Unfortunately, it is the only species of starling we have (with the exception of mynas that have been introduced in some areas). But here in South Africa, there are an astonishing 15 species! Most of them are beautifully iridescent and glossy in … Read More

Two Herons and a Hamerkop

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Three beautiful and unique birds that I see on a daily basis here in the Dwesa-Cwebe Nature Reserve are the Hamerkop, Black-headed Heron, and the Grey Heron. These three species are fairly common throughout southern Africa but I find them very interesting. This strange-looking bird pictured above is the Hamerkop. This species is widespread and has no close relatives. As far as its … Read More

African Wood-Owls

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During the second week of February, I spent a few days in the Dwesa Nature Reserve along the Eastern Cape of South Africa helping out with one of my professor’s research projects (about carbon sequestration/ fire ecology) and to build a relationship with students from Rhodes University (who were also camping with us, as well as working on a botany … Read More

Common Gulls and Terns of South Africa

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I have been spending a lot of time on the coast of South Africa and so have managed to find two species of gull, six species of tern, and one species of jaeger in the past 6 weeks. It is sort of surprising to me how limited the number of gulls here is, but at least there has been a … Read More

Amur Falcons – South Africa

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As regular readers of this site know, I am a huge fan of raptors. Here in South Africa, I have been able to see quite a few species of raptors, and perhaps my favorite at the moment is the beautiful Eastern Red-footed Falcon (Falco amurensis), also known as the Amur Falcon. This species is about the size of a Merlin, … Read More