Tips for eBirding the PA Migration Count

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Each year on the second Saturday of May, Pennsylvania birders hit the forests, lakes and fields to find as many species as they can in each county. This is a great opportunity to get out and bird at the peak of spring warbler migration. The goal of the project is to gain a better understanding of the populations of birds … Read More

The Dark Ghost

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Rob Miller, the author of this post, is a Raptor Biology student at Boise State University. His thesis is focused on the breeding Ecology of Northern Goshawks within a unique forest landscape in Southern Idaho. He is specifically investigating the diet of Northern Goshawks and how prey abundance influences nest occupancy and success. He maintains a blog, Rob’s Idaho Perspective, and will be … Read More

eBird: New flight call protocol

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It is a bit past the date when we would expect to hear nocturnal flight calls given by birds migrating overhead, but eBirds new protocol for entering nocturnal flight calls is a good read to prepare yourself for the spring. Below is information from Team eBird on the new protocol. Nocturnal Flight Call (NFC) counts have different detection rates than … Read More

4 Day Birding Tour of Idaho

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I have managed to turn many of my friends back home into crazy birders. My friend Mark Markiewicz is no exception; a few years ago Mark’s brother Chris and I began going out kayaking along the Swatara Creek, that runs through Hershey, PA, often and I would always point out any bird species we saw. It wasnt long till Mark … Read More

It’s been hot…

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It’s been hot the last couple days and that really has shut down bird song after about 9am. Luckily today was a little cooler and that really helped. I am in Adams and Franklin counties and grassland birds are quite common, especially compared to areas with more intensive agriculture like Lancaster County. One of the more interesting sightings recently was … Read More