Wetland Management for Rails and finding tips

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This kind of interspersion of different kinds of plants and open water is ideal for Rails. (Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Mound City, MO) (Auriel Fournier)

Birders are nothing if not creatures of habit. We all have our spots and rely on them for X, Y and Z species every year. From the many emails I get from Missouri birders every year, it’s clear that very few people have a ‘rail spot’ and they all sound a bit exasperated trying to find one. They wished rails … Read More

PA Fall Migration Predictions – End of Oct: Part 1

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October is a very special time of the year in Pennsylvania. The first week of the month there are still a ton of neotropical migrants around, but then their numbers start to drop off drastically. Coming to the rescue are the sparrows and raptors, which really excel during the second half of the month. Waterfowl also begin to trickle through … Read More

Sora and other non-warblers at the Biggest Week!

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There is a lot more than just warblers at the Biggest Week, and we have been lucky enough to come across quite a few pretty cool things! When we first got into town on Sunday night our first stop was Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. We wanted to be able to take advantage of the auto tour loop being open to … Read More

4 Day Birding Tour of Idaho

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I have managed to turn many of my friends back home into crazy birders. My friend Mark Markiewicz is no exception; a few years ago Mark’s brother Chris and I began going out kayaking along the Swatara Creek, that runs through Hershey, PA, often and I would always point out any bird species we saw. It wasnt long till Mark … Read More

Flammulated Owl Surveys near Ashton, Idaho

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Our survey near Ashton, Idaho, was indeed delayed one night due to bad weather, mainly wind.  The wind died down over the next day, and we spent most of the day birding at nearby Chester Dam and the riparian area that leads to it.  It turned out to be one of our best warbler days in Idaho, including lots of … Read More

Sora – Photo Study

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The Sora is a fairly common species in the proper habitat. I have heard them call at many different places around the country. However, it took me a long time to see one let alone get a photo of one. On the morning of May 29th, Anna and I stopped along a road near Ashton, Idaho. There happened to be … Read More